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The International Cryptozoology Museum™

11 Avon Street, Portland, Maine 04101

Director/Founder: Loren Coleman

Assistant Director: Jeff Meuse


Ours is the world’s only cryptozoology museum.

Visit our unique gem in the beautiful city of Portland, Maine, year-round.


We appeal to all ages, but the fact we can be enjoyed by adults and children was acknowledged by the International Cryptozoology Museum being picked as one of the top five “Kid-Friendly Museums” in New England by Yankee Magazine. We were voted #1 by the Maine Sunday Telegram’s Readers Poll for the “Best of the Best Family Event Location.”

In 2014, the International Cryptozoology Museum was picked by Time Magazine as one of the “Ten Weirdest Museums in the World.” Please click here to read of other awards we have won.

Our real Yeti hair samples were featured on the first season of Mysteries at the Museum,
and seen often in repeats. They are discussed in a new British documentary to be broadcast in December 2013. Photo by Ryan Dube
Keep up with the latest general news at CryptoZooNews, and make new or re-examine your childhood memories at the museum.

Our director, Loren Coleman, is someone you’ve seen on Bigfoot and cryptozoology shows since 1969. He is often your host for the day.



We receive a few thousand visitors a year. We have hosted special groups, from school field trips to college class visits, from wedding parties to national celebrities performing in Portland, from stay-at-home dads and moms looking for a unique outing to scientists here at conferences, from cruise ship sightseers to international tourists.

Several people have driven straight here from, for example, Ann Arbor, Baltimore, Florida, and northern Maine. Visitors have come from Ireland, Italy, Nepal, Australia, China, and from cities including London, Paris, Boston, New York, San Francisco, and hundreds of other worldwide locations.

Cryptozoology fans, professors, taxi drivers, writers, tattoo artists, circus ringmasters, teachers, Bigfooters, zoologists, anthropologists, students, skeptics, families, stay-at-home parents, and many people with no knowledge of cryptids have all enjoyed their visits with us.


Our expanded, enlarged location is located at 11 Avon Street, Portland, Maine. This is just around the corner from our former Congress Street location. Please use “11 Avon Street, Portland, Maine 04101” for GPS purposes. It is well-worth finding our hidden gem.


The museum may be open on major holidays when other museums are closed. We are open on Mondays when other museums in Portland are closed, for example. Check back here to see our schedule.  This is a public museum and appointments are not necessary. Introductory brief overviews are given as all visitors arrive, a map is distributed for free, and special off-hour tours are only available for groups at an extra fee.

The museum is mentioned on the local tourist map, on the Duck Tours and sometimes during the scenic trolley and cruise-related rides. It is easy to find. We are located on the Portland Metro Bus Route 1, near Avon Street, on Congress Street. The Amtrak train from Boston arrives a little over a mile from the museum, as do the major bus lines. It is a short cab ride from the train or bus stations.

Loren Coleman, Willow Creek, CA, 1975, with Jim McClarin’s redwood Bigfoot sculpture.

The mission of the museum is to share the items cryptozoologically collected since 1960 by Loren Coleman and from other donators to his collection with the museum visitors.

The International Cryptozoology Museum™ in Portland, Maine, includes exhibits about cryptids (beyond Bigfoot & Nessie). We also feature displays about the finds of “living fossils” and other classic animals of discovery — the successful cryptozoological stories. One of the most famous, of course, is the coelacanth, as featured in the ICM logo. We have a lifesize model in the museum.


Critical thinking is important to this museum.

We have many rare and unique pieces of remarkable evidence. Some of the items on exhibit are actual hair samples of Abominable Snowmen, Bigfoot, Yowie, and Orang Pendek. A letter from the actor Jimmy Stewart is on display as he is linked to the Pangboche Yeti hand mystery. Fecal matter from a small Yeti was collected by the Tom Slick-F. Kirk Johnson Snowman Expedition of 1959, and the ICM’s sample has been featured on three television series: In Search Of, MonsterQuest, and Mysteries at the Museum. A footprint cast taken in 2001, during an alleged Thylacine encounter, is among the over 10,000 items on exhibit.

A life-size model of Caddy is contained in the collection, as well as the 8 ft tall Crookston Bigfoot and a large number of Bigfoot, Yowie, and Snowman footcasts. Because Loren Coleman has been on various television documentaries and programs, there are props from Lost Tapes, In Search Of, MonsterQuest, Freaky Links, Beasts of the Bible, and other shows.

While it is a surprise, the museum was featured in History’s Ancient Aliens: Aliens and Monsters, regarding the “Montauk Monster,” a cryptid coined and named by Loren Coleman.

Our director, in 2011, was also found discussing Mothman on Discovery Channel’s Will Shatner’s Weird or What? and “Maine’s Mystery Beast” and “Tom Slick’s Yeti Samples” on Travel Channel’s Mysteries At The Museum. You may see him in documentary television reruns going back to the 1980s, frequently rebroadcast on many cable channels. Or heard one of his 30 appearances on Art Bell’s or George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM.

Oftentimes, various editions of the 30+ books by Loren Coleman are available, as well as other items for sale, in the ICM bookstore/gift shop. Autographs may be obtained, when the director/author is present, as he often is, unless he is doing fieldwork or on location for a documentary taping.


If you still are having a hard time deciding to visit, remember, you may wish to watch a quick video about us at this link:

 CBS Sunday Morning on November 11, 2012


Donations are greatly appreciated to support our educational and scientific missions.

Contact Info
Loren Coleman, Director and Founder
International Cryptozoology Museum™
Post Office Box 4311
Portland, ME 04101

11 Avon Street
Portland, ME 04101


Loren Coleman. Photo by Greta Rybus

The screening of Cryptotrip at the museum on March 10th was a success.

Look for other future screenings of cryptozoology movies.

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