Featured Artwork

Art inspired by cryptozoology is being added routinely and continuously.

The International Cryptozoology Museum is expanding its collection every week.

One unique addition is A Bigfoot family visits a human family’s campsite, a 3D piece by artist Alec Cloud McPherson, a recent MECA graduate.

We appreciate and celebrate, for example, his donation, for it is quite engaging, creative, and humorous, as are so many we receive.

The Andy Finkle Collection

The International Cryptozoology Museum supports local and national artists, and its collection now contains, for example, the world’s largest gathering of Carolina artist Andy Finkle’s paintings, including his representations of several cryptids and individual portraits, such as of the ICM’s Loren Coleman and Jeff Meuse (below).


Other researchers, discoverers, and cryptozoologists are the collection too. All cast members of Finding Bigfoot are in the collection, as well.  Finding Bigfoot’s Cliff Barackman is shown below.

One individual portrayed is National Geographic Channel’s Beast Hunter Pat Spain (below). Pat is the generous donator behind the purchase of a sizable group of Finkle’s paintings. (See the gathering of many artists’ inspired works in the “Art Room” at the museum, next to our main “Evidence Room.”)


Ruth Harkness, discoverer of the Giant Panda, in a painting by Andy Finkle