ICM in the Media

Art by Craig LaRotonda for Yankee.

We were featured in the July/August 2011 issue of Yankee Magazine, and via a full-page ad in the August 2011 and August 2013 issues of Portland Monthly Magazine. The museum was noted as the most unique museum to visit in the “Best of USA” picks in the May 2011 issue of Reader’s Digest. Numerous other awards and list selections have occurred from 2009 to present, as well as mentions and good reviews on Roadside America, Atlas Obscura, Yelp, Huffington Post, MSNBC, and Trip Advisor.

The museum and its director, Loren Coleman, have been on various television documentaries and programs, with exhibits used as props on Lost Tapes, In Search OfMonsterQuest, Freaky Links, Beasts of the Bible, Mysteries at the Museum, and other shows.

While it is a surprise, the Museum was featured in History’s Ancient Aliens: Aliens and Monsters, regarding the “Montauk Monster,” a cryptid moniker coined and named by Loren Coleman.


Loren Coleman, NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries, “Tom Slick and the Yeti,” 1992.

You may see Loren in documentary television reruns going back to the 1980s, which are frequently rebroadcast on many cable channels. Or you can heard one of his 30 appearances on Art Bell’s or George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM.

The museum has been featured on radio (in Spain, Russia, China, UK, Ireland, as well as on Radio Free Europe and Coast to Coast AM), continuously in newspapers/online news (in Huffington Post, AOL News, Christian Science Monitor, Portland Daily Sun, USM Free Press, Enterprise News, and 136 other news sites), and, in addition to the national coverage, on various local television programs (such as Boston’s Chronicle and Portland’s 207).

Serena Altschul of CBS Sunday Morning is shown during the taping of the program at the museum (Mary Lou Teel, producer).

If you still are having a hard time deciding to visit, remember, you may wish to watch a quick video about us at this link:

CBS Sunday Morning on November 11, 2012.

Other televised museum appearances in 2013-2014, include spots on TWC, Discovery, Travel Channel and other reality programming channels. We are newly featured in Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, in the “Jersey Devil” episode in 2013, and in the “Fouke Monster” segment in 2014.

The Bangor Daily News and Lewiston Sun Journal published new articles about the museum in 2013, and we were noted in 2014 stories, as well, by Yahoo Movie News and Huffington Post.