Museum Overview


The International Cryptozoology Museum™

11 Avon Street, Portland, Maine 04101

Director/Founder: Loren Coleman

Assistant Director: Jeff Meuse


The International Cryptozoology Museum™ is open six days a week, including Monday Holidays. We are closed on Tuesdays.

Ours is the world’s only cryptozoology museum.

Visit our unique gem in the beautiful city of Portland, Maine, year-round.

Explore our unique one-of-a-kind exhibits with a visit soon.



We appeal to all ages.


The vision of Loren Coleman comes alive…

Loren Coleman, Willow Creek, CA, 1975, with Jim McClarin’s redwood Bigfoot sculpture.

The mission of the museum is to share items cryptozoologically collected, since 1960, by Loren Coleman and gathered from other donators to his collection.

Our director, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, author of over 30 books, is someone you’ve seen in Bigfoot and cryptozoology documentaries and television programs, since 1969. This museum is his legacy, and was founded in 2003. For more on the history of the Museum, click here.

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