Museum Overview

We are usually closed on Tuesdays, but please note:
We will be open these March Tuesdays 3/12 & 3/19, due to the School Vacation Weeks.


The World’s Only Nonprofit

Cryptozoology Museum!

We now are open late on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Regular Hours:

Sunday & Monday, 11 am – 3:30 pm; in the museum by 3:30 pm, you may remain until 4 pm.

Tuesday, Closed

Wednesday, 11 am – 3:30 pm; in the museum by 3:30 pm, you may remain until 4 pm.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 11 am – 5:30 pm; in the museum by 5:30 pm, you may remain until 6 pm.


Adults, $10, for 13+

Seniors, $8, for 65+

Children, $5, for 12 & below

Babies, Free in arms/strollers

Plan Now!

At Thompson’s Point…look for the 9 ft Bigfoot, near the parking lot access.

The Museum’s outside Bigfoot and Assistant Director Jeff Meuse.

Our museum is more than Yetis, Sasquatch, Nessies, and Sea Serpents. Learn about Herman Regusters, an American explorer who searched for Mokele-Mbembes, giant aquatic lake monsters sighted in the middle of Africa.

We are a 501(c)3, nonprofit. We need your assistance to survive the snow/ice closures.

Please consider a donation.

VISIT THE NEW CRYPTOSTORE™ online HERE or at the Museum, on-site. Obtain autographed books and high quality museum collectibles.

This version of Cassie was immortalized by Emily Diaz Norton in her beautiful sculpture, which you may find on display. Featured on Mysteries at the Museum in January 2019.


Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals, and you have discovered the world’s only cryptozoology museum.

We have a wide range of exhibitions from rare, one-of-a-kind scientific, zoological specimens to popular cultural homages to the relevant anthropological and psychological acknowledgements of the sightings and folk traditions to be found within hominology and cryptozoology.

As part of our scientific and education mission, we preserve native art to contemporary souvenirs. If you don’t understand why something is in our exhibits, please ask.


We are a five-minute walk from the Portland Transportation Center, serviced by Amtrak and Concord Bus.


The GPS setting for our Museum is
4 Thompson’s Point Road, #106
Portland, Maine

There are expanded souvenir selections at the Museum’s onsite CRYPTOSTORE™.

Our Avon Street location has closed, as of June 21, 2016, forever.

Please ignore the Avon or other downtown Portland addresses in old books, on out-of-date maps and websites.

Coming on April 26-28, 2019: The Fourth Annual International Cryptozoology Conference, Portland, Maine. Tickets, Vendors, Donations. Information here.


Look for our sign at Thompson’s Point.

Use the “back” or North entrance on Mondays.

Did you know you can step off the Downeaster Amtrak train or a Concord bus at Portland’s nearby Transportation Center, and walk less than a fourth of a mile to our Museum? Or drive your vehicle right off I-95/I-295 and park in our ample lot at our Museum?

Volunteer to assist as an intern anytime! Contact us today here.

Thank you.


Plan your day accordingly, and come midday to visit our unique gem in the beautiful city of Portland, Maine. Doors close promptly at 30 minutes before closing time, which are 30 minutes from the posted time.

Ours is the world’s only cryptozoology museum.

Explore our rare one-of-a-kind exhibits with a visit soon.

At Thompson’s Point in Portland, Maine, there is parking on-site near our new museum, in an exciting entertainment complex.

We appeal to all ages*.

Want into the Museum free, wish to join our dynamic team on future adventures, receive our future Journal, receive discounts on the in-museum & online gift stores immediately, get discounted admissions to our annual conferences?


Join the International Cryptozoology Society!

Pick your level of membership: Student, Annual, Lifetime, Benefactor.


We have to keep expenses within limits. We do not have a telephone number for that reason.

Questions, email:

See the Museum on Mysteries at the Museum, from the first year, 2010, through 2018, and on other programs since 2003. Loren Coleman has been featured on reality television from 1995 onward.

Featured on the cover of The Bollard.

In 2014, the International Cryptozoology Museum was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the “Ten Weirdest Museums in the World.” In 2015, the Indian Times selected us as their #1 choice of “The Most Unusual Museums in the World You Will Want to Visit.” In 2016, we are featured in Outside Magazine, Mysteries at the Museum (x2), The Bangor Daily News, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Rolling Stone Magazine, CNN, The Bollard, and elsewhere. We have been on various radio news programs (WGAN, WPOR) regarding the giant snake cryptid sightings in Westbrook, Wessie. See more here.

Throughtout 2017 and 2018, Loren Coleman has been on Coast to Coast AM, Paracast, Darkness Radio, Beyond Reality Radio, Dreamland, Paranormal, SiriusXM, and many other podcasts and radio programs.

News of our Museum has been in the Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, Portland Press Herald and Boston Globe in 2017. We were featured in the New York Times on February 1, 2018, as one of the five places to visit in Portland, Maine. During January 2019, the Museum was featured on three separate episodes of Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum.


Visit our unique exhibits. Plan your summer trip and come to Maine.

The International Cryptozoology Museum, founded in 2003, moved on July 1, 2016 from Downtown, and is now OPEN at Portland, Maine’s exciting new location Thompson’s Point.

Unlike some nonprofits, this Museum is open Mondays.

We are closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Our building construction and move were partially thanks to a grant from the

Efroymson Family Fund

All Photos: © International Cryptozoology Museum™
Last updated on 01/22/2019.