The International Cryptozoology Museum™ in Portland, Maine, includes exhibits about cryptids (beyond Bigfoot & Nessie). We also feature displays about the finds of “living fossils” and other classic animals of discovery — the successful cryptozoological stories. One of the most famous, of course, is the coelacanth, as featured in the ICM logo. We have a 5.5 ft long, life-size model of the first one taken off Africa in 1938 in the museum.

The International Cryptozoology Museum has many rare and unique pieces of remarkable evidence. Some of the items on exhibit are actual hair samples of Abominable Snowmen, Bigfoot, Yowie, and Orang Pendek. A letter from the actor Jimmy Stewart is on display as he is linked to the Pangboche Yeti hand mystery. Fecal matter from a small Yeti was collected by the Tom Slick-F. Kirk Johnson Snowman Expedition of 1959, and the ICM’s sample has been featured on three television series: In Search OfMonsterQuest, and Mysteries at the Museum. A footprint cast taken in 2001, during an alleged Thylacine encounter, is among the over 10,000 items on exhibit.

The museum is filled with unique items, including the full-sized art sculptures of the Crookston Bigfoot (by Curtis Christensen), Freaky Links’ pterodactyl (by Haxan sfx), P.T. Barnum’s FeeJee Mermaid (above, by Erik Gosselin), the Naden Harbor Caddy (by Lee Murphy), a lifesize bronze of a Thylacine, and other cryptid and new species replicas, evidence, and more. Our fiberglass coelacanth (from Fantastic Fish) is the only life-size exact model of the first 1938 specimen displayed in North America.


sasquatch revealed

New arrivals appear in the museum often

Several new exhibits have been enhanced or newly installed, including ones on the Dover Demon, the Montauk Monster, the Jersey Devil, Thylacine, Coelacanth, and the Napes/Skunk Apes.

Please come visit us to see those and others.

In August 2020, we introduced our newest exhibit (Sasquatch Revealed 2020), which will be a permanent part of the Museum, thanks to the generous curated original exhibition by Canadian Chris Murphy. More on the displays during 2021.

The International Cryptozoology Museum wishes to thank the contributed design and art of Paul Smith, Paul Curtis, and Maili Bradley for input, labor, and amazing breakneck creation of the elements going into the above.

Look for posters and teeshirts produced during the exhibition.