Plan Your Visit

Excited to see us? We’re excited to see you too! Planning your visit to the The International Cryptozoology Museum™ is easy. Our facility is located on Thompson’s Point. We are just a few minutes by car from downtown Portland, right off 295 coming from the Maine Turnpike. You can find many other attractions and hotel accommodations in the Portland area.

Hours & Restrictions (including COVID-19)

The International Cryptozoology Museum is open year round.

Open 7 days a week (including all holidays, excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day)
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Thursday
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Friday-Sunday

Address / GPS Data

32 Resurgam Place, Portland, Maine 04102

Our old address, 4 Thompson’s Point Road, #106, will be retained in some searches for 2021.

Same location but different “street” address due to 911 guidelines. Portland, Maine 04102

Our Building Entrance

Look for our sign out front, off the south parking lot, next to the 10 ft Bigfoot at Thompson’s Point. Our entrance desk is right inside, before the gift store and the exhibits.

The main customer parking lot entrance is the building’s front door for the Museum. You may wear a mask throughout your visit, and maintain social distancing, if you wish, but it is no longer required. The air circulation is awesome because we have 32 feet tall ceilings.

The Bigfoot sculpture is your key to what door to use. You will find a “32 Resurgam Place” above our glass window (temporarily being upgraded).



Did you know you can step off the Downeaster Amtrak train or a Concord bus at Portland’s nearby Transportation Center, and walk less than a fourth of a mile to our Museum? Or drive your vehicle right off I-95/I-295 and park in our ample lot at our Museum?

Airport: (2.7 miles away) –

Bus Lines (.3 mile away):

Train (.2 mile away):

Portland Walking Trails:


At Thompson’s Point in Portland, Maine, there is parking on-site near our new museum, in an exciting entertainment complex. Minimal parking rates apply with some free opportunities.

Age Restrictions

We appeal to all ages. Families are welcome.


Adults, $10, for 13+
Children, $5, for 12 & below
Babies, Free (in arms/strollers)

Because we are a nonprofit, we keep our fees low. Cash or credit cards are accepted (purchases over $5.00).

Gift Store

The gift store is open during normal business hours. We have books, souvenirs, and keepsakes that can’t be found anywhere other than in this museum and through our online store. Many books are autographed. Cash or credit cards are accepted (purchases over $5.00). Prefer to shop online? Visit the online store.

Museum Visitor Guidelines

Masks should be worn, if you have not been fully vaccinated. Others are not required to wear masks.

No food or drinks are allowed in the museum.

All photos found online taken by you become the property of the International Cryptozoology Museum.

Visitors’ Guidelines, Part 2..

Photography is allowed only at the Crookston and Black Lagoon exhibits. You consent to allow us to use your photos in social media and publications if you post your Museum images on social media. Professional photographers please check in with staff. No video, digital recording, or filming may occur in the museum without the expressed permission of the director.

Cell phones on silence or vibrate are required of all guests. Talking on cell phones is not allowed, and you will be asked to leave, to have your conversation outside, and then granted readmission.

This is a formal collection and archival museum. Touching and handling of items is not allowed. However, we are a kid-friendly, youthful, and adult-oriented educational collection with many levels of enjoyable explorations being encouraged and possible.

Local Tips & Other Attractions (check to see if open due to COVID-19)


Denny’s (.7 mile away):

Some (of many) restaurants and shops in the Old Port (3.3 miles away)

Otto’s Pizza (3 miles away):

Two Lights Lobster Shack (Traditional Maine Lobster Shack) (10 miles away):

Eventide Oyster Co. (3 miles away):

Old Port / Waterfront Area with many choices of cuisine (3 miles away):

Coffee & Donuts

OPENING SOON at Thompson’s Point: Rwanda Bean

Tony’s Donuts (.5 mile away):

Holy Donut (1.5 miles away):

Coffee by Design (2.5 miles away):

Ice cream & Frozen Yogurt

Mount Desert Ice Cream (3 miles away):

Gorgeous Gelato (2 miles away):

Things to do 

Portland Children’s Museum (OPENING SOON at TP):

Longfellow House (3 miles away):

Portland Museum of Art (2.5 miles away):

Victoria Mansion (2 miles away):

Cruises (3 miles away): &

Portland Headlight & Fort Williams Park (7 miles away): &

Baseball – Portland Sea Dogs at Hadlock Field (1 miles away):

Basketball – Portland Red Claws (1.5 miles away):

Fore River Sanctuary (1.5 miles away):


Exchange Street & Old Port Shops (3 miles away):

LL Bean and outlet stores (19 miles away): ,

Maine Mall (4.5 miles away):

Places to Stay

Inn at St. John (2 miles away):

Clarion Hotel (.5 mile):

Morrill Mansion B&B (1.5 miles away):

Other great resources

State Theatre Concerts at Thompson’s Point:

Daily Events Calendar: