Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Loren Coleman ~ President of the Board ~ Mr. Coleman is the founder and Director of the museum, having collected for over five decades the cryptozoological components and contents of the physical museum. He is a world-renowned expert in the field, author of several foundation books in cryptozoology and a frequent on-air interviewee and consultant. Mr. Coleman was a full-time researcher at the University of Southern Maine’s Edmund S. Muskie School for Public Policy for 13 years, as well as an adjunct assistant and visiting associate professor for over 20 years at USM and five other New England Universities. He lives in Bangor, Maine, and shares his extensive collection-on-loan with the museum.

Patrick Huyghe ~ Mr. Huyghe spent 25 years as a science writer for magazines before starting several book publishing companies, including his own, Anomalist Books, in 2012. He has a passion for cryptozoology and is consulted about media matters, cryptozoology, publishing, and technology related to the museum. He also donates web space on to promote museum activities.

David Goudsward ~ Mr. Goudsward is the author of 25 books on topics ranging from New England megalithic sites to HP Lovecraft’s travels. He focuses his cryptozoological research to marine cryptids from a regional historic perspective.

Jennifer White Coleman (description to be added soon)

Emily Smith Buermann (description to be added soon)

Cliff Barackman (description to be added soon)

Jeremy Efroymson (honorary)  ~ Mr. Efroymson is the vice chair of the Efroymson Family Fund and former executive director of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. He has been the member of several grassroots arts organizations and a friend to museums and cryptozoology conferences. Efroymson has a mind for business and the arts, and brings to the Board direct suggestions for the future development of the ICM as it grows into a world-renowned nonprofit museum. He contributes much to the continued operation of the museum. He lives in Indiana.

Frederick Veit ~ Attorney ~ New York – not a member of the Board