The ICM is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

As of September 15, 2011, we are an official State of Maine nonprofit corporation. We’ve been a federal tax exempt museum, a 501(c)3, since September 15, 2011 and are an educational/scientific/natural history museum. As a nonprofit group, we rely upon financial contributions earned by visitations and donations.

Financial Donations

Individual donations are significant to our existence, and all contributors will receive a letter, if requested, for tax purposes. Click on one or several of the buttons below to take you to our online store, if you would like to assist us with a donation.

Donate Now

If you wish to send in your donation via mail, by way of an international money order, or for the USA, via a check or bank money order made out to the “International Cryptozoology Museum,” please use the following address:

Loren Coleman, Director
International Cryptozoology Museum
32 Resurgam Place
Portland, ME 04102

Thank you!!

Item Contributions

All Cryptozoological Items Are Welcome

If you are unable to donate fiscally, you may have materials that are, in essence, the foundation that has built the museum through exactly such contributions. Avoid having these pieces of cryptozoological history end up lost and forgotten, and donate them to the museum to be archived or put on display!


The International Cryptozoology Museum, as part of our mission, actively archives old, and investigates new cryptozoology cases, via files, collected papers, photos, and more.

We are honored that various well-known cryptozoologists and associates of expeditions have decided to leave their papers, clothing, and equipment with us, for cataloguing and exhibition.

As the world’s only cryptozoology museum, please note, we are especially interested in displaying and sharing with the general public, researchers, academics, and documentary filmmakers – the physical evidence of cryptozoology – including hair/fecal samples, foot casts, and other physical items.

Additionally, we collect traditional and Native art and artifacts,  as well as contemporary toys, related to cryptids. Contributions to our museum in this realm are important.  As a nonprofit, we send letters acknowledging donations for your tax records upon request.

If you have original indigenous art, or locally crafted contemporary examples of paintings, sculptures, and masks depicting cryptids, please consider sending them to the International Cryptozoology Museum (address above).